We come at things from an owners perspective.



Joe Padorr explains how the Brokerage side of Seneca Real Estate Group offers a heightened perspective because they come from a Developer’s mindset. Most brokers function as matchmakers putting buyers and sellers together, tenants and landlords together, which Seneca obviously does as well. However, as Joe explains, Seneca does it with a greater degree of authenticity, because of a keener understanding of the property owner.


“We’re true to our word and completely honest; and we work hard. We’ve got to find the right tenants for the right landlords and the right buyers for the right property owners. We aren’t just interested in getting a deal done for a deal’s sake. It’s gotta be right”, according to Joe Padorr, Principal & Director of Leasing for Seneca Real Estate Group.


To contact Joe, call 312.327.2700 or jpadorr@seneca-re.com  He’s ready to assist you.


About Seneca Real Estate

Seneca Real Estate Group is a real estate advisory company that provides leasing, brokerage and development services to mid-market residential, condominium and commercial (office, industrial and retail) properties in and around Chicago. A roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on approach of a mid-sized firm coupled with the big business expertise of the company’s founders, Thomas Morabito and Joe Padorr, allows Seneca Real Estate Group to maximize both the intrinsic and actual value of all the properties they touch.

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