The Seneca Real Estate Group Advantage; June issue of Northern Illinois Real Estate Magazine highlighting Industrial Real Estate


The Seneca Real Estate Advantage Is In How We Do, What We Do

by Thomas Morabito, President, Seneca Real Estate Group


For us, the key is to remember that we are a service-oriented business that happens to be in the real estate business: property management, leasing, brokerage, advisory services for clients in the acquisition business, and all of the due diligence required to assist clients in the most comprehensive way possible. There is added value to the experience we bring. We own real estate, so we understand the relationship. We are a service-first company.

We do more than just lease, advise, and sell industrial/business space. We provide the back office services across the board to ensure that every element of maximizing the asset value is realized. One thing every property owner has in mind is that the property must be successful. For example, retention is the key to any real estate investment. It is crucial that we maintain personal relations with all tenants. While we utilize technology to facilitate efficiency, the success of a tenant staying or leaving usually rests with how well we have communicated with them over the course of their term, and how well we have served them. We strive on a daily basis to find the balance in serving tenants, as well as serving our client.

While maximizing asset value is the primary objective, not all properties or clients are the same. They vary. It’s our focus to truly understand everything about the client and the property to find the absolute best fit that allows that property to achieve the greatest asset value it has the potential to provide.



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