Real Estate Advisory Services, Chicago

Stephanie Hedrick, CFO at Seneca Real Estate Group: We do more than lease and sell property for clients, We are advisers from A to Z on their Real Estate Transactions.


Stephanie Hedrick describes the very important second part. “We work hard during the due diligence period. We review everything including analyzing the entire scope of the transaction up to and including the condition of the property to confirm the operating income and projected cash flows. We work with all the professionals; lenders, attorneys, title companies helping our clients close their deals. We understand that tenant satisfaction and reducing vacancy cost is the key to maximizing cash flow and asset value. Seneca Real Estate Group.”


Thomas Morabito President of Seneca Real Estate Group shares “The second half of what we do for clients is the back office service and the reporting for our clients. Moving from the brokerage side to the back office services is a unique and valuable benefit and edge that Seneca provides and there’s no one more capable of seeing to it that we’re maximizing that asset value than Stephanie and her team.”


To reach Stephanie Hedrick please email or call 312/327-2700 x 228.


About Seneca Real Estate

Seneca Real Estate Group is a real estate advisory company that provides leasing, brokerage and development services to mid-market residential, condominium and commercial (office, industrial and retail) properties in and around Chicago. A roll-up-your-sleeves, hands-on approach of a mid-sized firm coupled with the big business expertise of the company’s founders, Thomas Morabito and Joe Padorr, allows Seneca Real Estate Group to maximize both the intrinsic and actual value of all the properties they touch.

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