“Seneca Real Estate Group is a service-first company that just happens to be in the Property Management business” – Seneca President Thomas Morabito.


Thomas Morabito says it, and then he says it again. And again. “We are a service-first company”. Every person at Seneca Real Estate Group repeats this mantra early into any discussion. From Brokers to Account personnel, and from Principals to Admin specialists, the service element of what the company provides is the very first priority. So, whether the client focus is on Property Management, Leasing, Property Asset Management, Condominium Management or Advisory Services, due diligence and value to the client are at the very top of the “to-do” list for the Seneca Team.


“It’s our practice to go beyond what a normal Real Estate Company, Brokerage Firm or Management Company would do” says Morabito, adding “We own property, we understand the important nuances of what an owner would expect and how that affects the management of a building, and how that in turn affects leasing. All of that has an impact on how we develop strategy together with our clients on how to best effectuate our goals and maximize the return on the asset as well as maximizing the overall value of the building”.


It all starts out by being a Service-First Company. That means instilling kindness, generosity, honesty and responsiveness in each of our people. We constantly remind ourselves that this is how we truly differentiate ourselves from every other real estate firm in the city and beyond.


For information on Property & Asset Management, Condominium Management, Commercial Leasing, Residential Leasing, Investment Sales or Real Estate Advisory Services, contact Thomas Morabito, President, Seneca Real Estate Group tmorabito@seneca-re.com or312.327.2700 x222  That will begin a Service-First experience.


To Connect with Seneca Real Estate

Website: http://www.seneca-re.com/

Blog: https://senecareblog.wordpress.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SenecaRealEstateAdvisors

Twitter: https://twitter.com/senecaregroup

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/seneca-real-estate-advisors

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