Seneca Real Estate Group Brings Taco Bell to Loyola Sub-Market

ROGERS PARK— Undecided college freshman may want to give Loyola University a second thought before it’s too late — because come this winter, they could be among the first class of a brand new Taco Bell’s Chicago alumni.

Tuesday it was announced that the national taco (and now breakfast) chain, known as pioneers in the late-night “fourth meal” movement, signed a 10-year lease at the former 1,413-square-foot Red Mango space as part of The Morgan at Loyola Station, 6460 N. Sheridan Rd.

Joe Padorr, of Seneca Real Estate Group, said while there was not yet a solid opening date, the franchisee hoped to open by the end of the year.

“The Loyola area sub-market was a strong focus for Taco Bell because restaurants do particularly well among the college-aged, late-night crowd,” Padorr said.  “And of course this will give Loyola’s dynamic community even more dining options.”

Work has yet to begin on transforming the space into an official Taco Bell, Padorr said.

Padorr also said the franchise owner is “an experienced group with multiple” fast-casual dining brands.

Check back as this taco-related development unfolds.


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